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Club information

Salt Lake Volleyball Club is committed to teaching young athletes how to become leaders and better learners. We teach our players to carry these skills both inside and outside of the gym in all life situations. We believe that what we teach has a larger impact than just learning volleyball! We separate ourselves by being the best developmental youth volleyball programs in Utah by focusing on quality over quantity. There is a place for all youth athletes who want to learn volleyball and develop a love for the game.

SLVC strives to provide our players with volleyball skills that can be utilized in the gym, but also transitioned outside of the gym and used for a lifetime: leadership, problem solving, empowerment, conflict resolution, team building, communication, giving/receiving feedback, openness to learning and trying new things. 

Salt Lake Volleyball Club welcomes you!

things to think about...

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." 
-Vincent van Gogh
"I don't want to be better than you or her or him. I only want to be better than I am right now." -Kerri Walsh-Jennings
"You're growing when you're stressed out. Be stressed out about half of the time!" -KLP
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan
"I'm stronger than I think I am. Mentally, physically."  -Misty May-Treanor
"Practice like it's competition and compete like it's another day on the practice court". -Karch Kiraly
"Put in the work; the "it moment" may or may not show up; but if you don't try you can guarantee it never will." -KLP