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Coaches and Staff 2020 Season

Kiera Powers, Club Director

I have been playing volleyball since I was 13 years old and still actively play beach volleyball. I have been involved with coaching youth volleyball for almost 20 years. I love that this sport is always changing, allowing everyone (players, coaches, & parents) to learn new things and grow - and being open to learning is imperative to improvement. 

Volleyball provided me with a medium to learn who I was as a kid and who I wanted to become as an adult. Having great coaches (who turned out to be mentors, but I didn't realize that at the time) has had a large impact on me in all aspects of my life; I still use phrases that my very first volleyball coach taught me. 

Philosophy: The only thing that can be guaranteed is the TRY, not the outcome. If players put in the effort they will get better, they will have fun, and they will make memories. 

My husband, Dan, and I have two children, Brody, who is freshman at the University of Utah and Addison, who is in kindergarten. 

Fun facts: I love high fives, I love to bake, and spelling is my nemesis (yes I did have to spellcheck that).

Chris Tellesbo, Coach 18 Green

I grew up playing volleyball in Salt Lake City, earning a state title in high school and playing four years competitively for the University of Utah men's club team, as well as two years as a practice player with the Utah women’s team. After graduating with degrees in math and physics and spending a semester interning for NASA, I went on to study astrophysics for four more years. My passion for learning is evident in my coaching style, never hesitating to ask “Why?”. There are many things we can learn through volleyball, leading to my coaching philosophy of `Better people through better volleyball’. Some of the values I associate with this are hard work, being a good teammate, a sense of pride, and having a learning mindset. Hard work works!

I played volleyball for about 12 years, have been coaching indoor for 7 years, and beach for 3 years. Embracing a learning mindset through almost 20 years around the game results in my very fluid coaching style, always adopting new strategies or techniques shown to be effective. I’m still a student of the game, but I’m a big advocate of player responsibility and accountability, as a part of both player growth and individual growth. 

Erica Morgan, Coach 16 Grey

Hey! I’m Erica Morgan and I’ve coached volleyball now for three years. I coach for Lehi High School currently as a junior league coach and have also coached their sophomore team in 2017. This is my second year coaching for SLVBC after taking a year off with my third baby. 

I played volleyball as a middle hitter for most of my life and as others grew, I got bumped to the back row and had the opportunity to grow as a passer. Never underestimate the short ones though, they can still jump! After high school I played rec at BYU Hawaii and sand and continue to play when I can. 

When I’m not coaching, I spend time with my husband, three kids, and pug! While they keep me busy, coaching has been a great outlet as a mom to help other kids (who are not my own) and teach them things that will help them in aspects in their life beyond volleyball. I have a strong belief that sports can help our youth gain abilities that will help them in their career and family life. My main focus when coaching is “practice makes better”. I don’t expect them to ever be perfect, but I do expect them to come to practice to get better, be focused, and the more they touch the ball, the better they can get. I am excited to get to know your girls more and have a great season with them! 


Clint Barnes, Coach 16 Blue

Hello, I fell in love with Beach volleyball back in 1986(Yes, I am old). I mainly played beach till the early 90's when I picked up the indoor game while a Track athlete at the University of Utah. I started coaching in 1992. Since then, I have worked hard to associate myself with great coaches both locally and nationally. I have earned my CAP I, II and III certifications with USA volleyball for both indoor and beach. I believe education is very important, keep learning and always have an open mind. During my thirty years of coaching volleyball, I have had the great opportunity to work with amazing athletes at all levels of the game, High School, Club and College Club for both men and women. My hobbies are traveling( I love a good beach) and doing anything outside. I am married and have three kids (Madison 22, Michaeli 20, Hayden 17) We are pretty much a volleyball family.  It's been a great thirty years and I am excited to come work with Salt Lake Volleyball Club. 




Carina Matonis, Coach 14 White

Hello! I am so excited to be a new coach this year! My coaching style is very positive. If you aren’t having a great day, I want to make sure to cheer you up with some good laughs! I believe that we all must embrace our failures so we can truly embrace our successes. I love to help people find their confidence with enthusiastic coaching techniques. I teach accountability through self-awareness. 

I am a Utah native and started my volleyball career at Judge Memorial Catholic High School in 2005. During my high school volleyball career, I was known for my killer serve and defensive skills on the court while always lifting the spirit of my team. After high school, I coached and played for the intramural teams while attending Boston University. After graduating in 2013, I began to hone in on my professional coaching skills by managing the operations team for the Sundance Film Festival. Most recently, I have embarked on a major career change into the finance industry where I am a leader in the sales department. I have come to understand that the sales environment in the corporate world is very much like the competitive sports world.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas Edison

Desmond Vest, Coach 14 Black and Training Team

Hello I am Desmond, or Des for short, and I am from California. I fell in love with volleyball instantly at the age of 14 and it has taught me many life lessons, such as respect and the power of a positive mindset. I have a lot of teaching and mentoring experience and I hope to help those around me learn to enjoy the game of volleyball as much as I do. My philosophy with teaching and coaching is “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill. I would love to create an environment where everyone can have fun, improve, learn, and hopefully make some new friends.

Nolan Hee, COACH 16 Green


I have been involved with volleyball since I was 13 years old and have years of experience coaching and running camps, mostly in the Pacific Northwest.  I started coaching in 1997 at my high school in Hawaii.  I moved to Oregon for college where I played on the men’s club team, was an assistant for Pacific University’s Women’s team, and continued coaching club volleyball.  I eventually became the Head Varsity coach at Valley Catholic School (Class 4A) in Oregon for 6 years. We made the State Tournament 5 of those years and earned second in state in my last year.  We moved to Utah in 2012 and I have officiated High School and Club volleyball.  This will be my second year with Salt Lake Volleyball Club, and I am excited about the new season.

Zoe Theobald, Coach 14 Green and Training Team

I started playing volleyball 13 years ago and have always primarily been a front row hitter specializing in middle block and outside hitter. I played at the varsity level in my high school years, and played year round ball with Arizona Volleyball Academy and Arizonas Club Summit club teams. I continued to play volleyball through college, playing sand volleyball at BYU Hawaii and intramural games at BYU. Post college I continue playing and competing in various pickup tournaments across the valley. I was the assistant coach to Nolan Hee of the SLVB 14 Black team in the 2018-2019 season. I love this sport, and am passionate about coaching.  I love being able to guide growth. It's so rewarding to watch young athletes overcome hurdles, challenge themselves, and conquer something they never thought they could. I fully intend on doing that this season with my team.


NATe MCKINNEY, COACH 16 White and 15 Green

My love of volleyball came from my first volleyball camp at age 10. Since then, I played outside hitter for four years in high school in Southern California and I continue to play whenever I can now, whether it’s recreationally or through city leagues. 

I have coached kids as young as the age of 7, all the way up to assisting the BYU-Hawaii’s women's volleyball team while attending college. 

Last year I coached the Salt Lake 17 Green team and we won the Bronze division at the AAU West Coast Championships in Las Vegas!

When I’m not coaching or playing volleyball, I love spending time with my wife. We don’t have kids yet, but really want a corgi! We are both lovers of all things LOTR, HP and Disney. 

I’m so excited for this coaching opportunity. Going into this season, my philosophy is that win or lose, there’s always something to learn.

Marc Zilka, Coach 16 Black

My name is Marc Zilka and I have been coaching Volleyball for 7 years.  I played intramural club Volleyball while at the University of Minnesota, and took several classes in Physical Education and Volleyball.  I have also played in several coed adult recreational leagues.  My coaching experience is both at a recreation and club level.  I began coaching Volleyball 7 years ago in a recreation league to help my daughter gain skills and a love for the game.  We attended practices and camps at Sky Islands, a club team in Tucson Arizona.  This was foundational in helping me learn how to better approach the game from a mental and physical aspect.  I was fortunate enough to coach with Salt Lake Volleyball club the last two years.  I have coached a 15’s and 16’s team and I also had the privilege to coach the 13’s team in the Las Vegas tournament where we finished 5th.  I have coached a sand Volleyball clinic, several Volleyball camps with Salt Lake Volleyball club and Murray Rec, and multiple 1 on 1 sessions.

              My coaching philosophy is to develop a life-long love for Volleyball in my players by continuing to build on their knowledge and skills of the game.  Volleyball is the ultimate team sport and requires not only tactical skills, but also the ability to be a good teammate and provide positive support no matter the outcome.  I have a no apologies policy – I don’t want the girls to apologize for a “shank” or miss hit – even the best of the best have shanks or a missed serve, if they are giving 110% effort to their team that is all that I ask for.  Skills will improve, but without effort – no matter how good the skill, it will be wasted.  Success is defined in many ways – I define success as improving and gaining positive momentum from the first practice to the last tournament game.  I have an “open door” policy.  I want the girls to approach me if and when problems arise, we can talk through it and come to a resolution together.  It is an important life skill to allow these girls to approach a coach about any problem and be able to resolve it.  I am also a positive coach and very passionate about the game.  Having fun while working hard is what makes Volleyball a great sport and I am very lucky to have the privilege of coaching it.