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Coaches and Staff

Kiera Powers, Club Director

Coach: Kiera Powers

Background & Experience: I started coaching when I was 18 years it's been a long time, over 20 years! I've coached players all over the country working with Gold Medal Squared, as well as high school and college programs (University of Utah Beach Volleyball team). I've been very fortunate to learn and coach with some of the greatest coaches in the area/country: Carl McGown, Hugh McCutcheon, Heather Olmstead, Shawn Olmstead and Brenda Whicker. I played college volleyball at BYU-Hawaii and high school for Lone Peak. I love learning new things about volleyball and believe that no matter how long you have been doing anything, there is always room to learn and grow. 

What do you love about coaching volleyball? I found my inner strength and confidence through volleyball. I love helping other young athletes find and bring out the qualities in them that are going to help them through all avenues in their lives. 

What else do you enjoy doing, aside from volleyball? Doing anything with my hubby and kiddos. I love baking. And I'd spend every day at the beach, if I could make a living at it.

What is your spirit/power animal? Sea Turtle

If you were a dessert, what would it be and why? My grandma's coffee cake, that I now make. It's simple, straight forward, sweet, spiced and it a little nutty. 

What do you love about Salt Lake Volleyball Club? I love that we are a small club and focus on quality over quantity. I love that our players, coaches, parents, and everyone really care about each and every person that steps into the gym. I love that we focus on player empowerment and that this is not just about volleyball, but lifelong skills! 

Mikey Le

Coach: Mikey Le

Background & Experience: I started coaching when I finished wrestling in college. I've coached high school and club working with Gold Medal Squared, Art Of Coaching. I am also a wrestling coach at American Fork High School. Been coaching volleyball for about 4 years now. 10 years now with wrestling I love it. There is something about teaching and mentoring kids to not only be great athletes but better people off the court, that makes it such an amazing job! My motto for coaching “rest in the end, not in the middle”. What I bring to my teams is morale and a fun place where they can escape the world and be passionate about their sport. 

What do you love about coaching volleyball? I am a very hands on coach. I don’t like to be the coach on the side line just yelling; I want to be in the trenches teaching and mentoring. The 'lightbulb moment' when you teach and they get it is so rewarding; especially when you see them apply it in a match. I love helping them develop confidence that they can do whatever they set they’re mind too. Volleyball, whether playing or coaching, did so much for me as a athlete and I want to do the same for any future kid I coach. 

What else do you enjoy doing, aside from volleyball? Slacklining, boating, playing with my dog Zeus.

What is your spirit/power animal? Sea Turtle or Penguin 

If you were a dessert, what would it be and why?

Not much of sweets fan, but I will never say no to chocolate cake! 

What do you love about Salt Lake Volleyball Club?

I was attracted to the idea of it being a small club and focuses on quality over quantity. It’s my first year here at Salt lake but already I’m loving the staff and of course our very own Kiera! I’m excited to grow as a coach, learn new things, strengthen my coaching and help these kids fall in love with the sport of volleyball! Excited for the opportunity and it’s go time. Let’s get to work! 

Dalee Mottahedeh

Hi! My name is Daleerae. I have been playing volleyball for 9 years and have loved every part of it. I have experience playing indoor, beach/sand ball, and I played a season of intramural volleyball when I was in college. This is my first year as a coach and I am so excited to get started! I believe there are so many things you learn in volleyball that can be applied to real life. For me, it has taught me how to work and communicate with others, keep a positive attitude when things are hard, and how much hard work pays off. I think the most important things in volleyball is friendship  and having fun. I am looking forward to watching these girls grow together this season!

Desmond Vest

Background & Experience:  I started coaching in 2018 with Salt Lake Volleyball Club. I have coached all ages ranging from 10U-18U level teams. I have also been the Head Varsity Coach at Highland High School for the last two years. I played volleyball in high school as well as in college in California. I have been fortunate enough to play with many strong athletes and even luckier to coach with some amazing coaches over the years. I strive to get better at coaching every year and to make a great environment for young athletes to find the same love of volleyball that I found at their age.
What do you love about coaching volleyball? I love that I can help these young athletes find an activity that they look forward to every day that will teach them the importance of active lifestyles, believing in themselves, teamwork, and leadership.

What else do you enjoy doing, aside from volleyball? I am a gamer! When I am not playing or coaching I love to relax at home and play games with friends. I also really enjoy outdoor activities like snowboarding, golfing, and skateboarding.

What is your spirit/power animal? A shark is my spirit/power animal. Large, Disciplined but Free Spirited, and Adventurous.

If you were a dessert, what would it be and why? Milkshake. A mix of different things, cool headed and sweet but sometimes a little crazy and childish.

What do you love about Salt Lake Volleyball Club? We try to create the best possible experience for every player that joins one of our teams and we strive for excellent coaching and mentorship. We really put everything we have as coaches into the program and try to build something special/memorable for our athletes that's unique to SLVC.

Gabby Renaud

Background & Experience: I have been playing volleyball for over 10 years and am rather new to coaching. I played volleyball for Intermountain Christian School and club volleyball as well. In 2021, I was the All-State 1A player of the year, State-tournament MVP, the Deseret News 1A Volleyball Player of the Year and Star Athlete of the Week, and AVCA MaxPreps Player of the Week. 

What do you love about coaching volleyball? Although being new to coaching, I have fallen in love with sharing my joy and passion for volleyball with others. Watching new players learn and start to understand skills, then gaining confidence and having fun with the sport is such a gift. 

What else do you enjoy doing, aside from volleyball? Besides playing volleyball, I love to spend time outside with friends and family. Also, I am a total nerd and love to learn so I am currently studying business at the University of Utah! 

What is your spirit/power animal? Otter

If you were a dessert, what would it be and why? Creme brulee. On the outside may seem serious, but super sweet once ya crack me open!! :) 

What do you love about Salt Lake Volleyball Club? I love the size of SLVB! It helps coaches to focus on individual player growth and team dynamic. 


Mia Valente

Coach: Amelia (Mia) Valente

Background & Experience: I am 19 years old and am currently studying Psychology at the University of Utah. I started playing volleyball when I was in fourth grade. I played for my school and started to play all year round in club when I was in sixth grade until I was a senior in high school. My senior year my school team won the 1A state volleyball championship which was definitely the highlight of my volleyball career. I also was named to the 1st team all-state that year for 1A. I started coaching volleyball camps for younger ages in high school and I am so excited to coach club and instill my love for volleyball into younger players the same way my coaches did for me! 

What do you love about coaching volleyball? For as long as I can remember I have loved the game of volleyball and it has truly shaped me into the person I am today. I love coaching because I not only get the chance to make better volleyball players, but help the players to become strong and confident outside of volleyball as well. 

What else do you enjoy doing outside of volleyball? I enjoy reading and spending time in nature. 

What is your spirit animal/power? Porcupine 

If you were a dessert, what would you be and why? If I was a dessert, I would be a chocolate lava cake because I am quiet on the outside, but can be loud when I open up.  

What do you love about Salt Lake Volleyball Club? I love the environment of being a small club and I feel as though it really gives me a chance to connect with the players on a deeper level to help them grow as individuals. I also love the coaching staff and the family dynamic the club has!

Ali Gustafson

Nolan Hee

Zoe Theobald

Coach: Zoe TheobaldBackground & Experience: I was raised on soccer, starting as a toddler all the way year round up until high school! It wasn't until high school that I started playing volleyball, fell completely in love, and dropped all things soccer so I could commit to volleyball year round. This is my 5th season coaching with SLVB and I'm so thrilled to be back this year!What do you love about coaching volleyball? My favorite part about coaching is teaching teenagers to love the sport and to gain confidence in themselves. This is such a pivotal time in self-development and there is so much the game can teach. I never played collegiately, but volleyball has always been such an incredible part of my life that has led me to life lessons, lifelong friends, and some really wonderful memories. I want others to experience the same.What else do you enjoy doing, aside from volleyball? I am a general sport lover (though volleyball is my favorite!). I love to get out and be active, travel, and try new things.What is your spirit/power animal? I took to a google quiz to answer this one! It says I am a bee because I am "driven to succeed, but despite your strong work ethic, you also know how to stop and smell the flowers. This ability to manage your personal energy means you’re always ready to help when you see someone in need." If you were a dessert, what would it be and why? I am so bad at these! I had to take a google quiz again, but they feel pretty accurate. I am ice cream because "You're a real classic! Sometimes you can come on strong, but the people who care about you can see beyond that to the real you! You're playful and curious about the world around you. Also, you're someone who isn't afraid to take risks!" What do you love about Salt Lake Volleyball Club? I love that everyone is looking out for each other. We don't live in this segregated team world, but rather we work together and we win together.

Abbie Alvord